Transportation in Costa Rica

If you are traveling for adventure, for business, or perhaps for relaxation, you must know how to get to in which you desire to be. It could be as fundamental as getting to and out of your hotel, or as complicated as seeing the whole country in the short period of time. Irrespective of your position, you need to get somewhere and also you need to get there safely. The most used way of transportation in Panama and nicaragua , are the bus, taxis, and rental-car, while you might take a small plane to obtain from one side of the nation to the other.

Renting an automobile is certainly appropriate for making your way around Costa Rica.

A 4×4 is preferable, particularly if you are the adventure-type and anticipate taking place jungle hikes and going to less touristy areas. In the event you fly into San José and you also intend on punching the beach, you are approximately 3-4 hours out of the closest beach (however there exists a new highway being created to Puntareanas, which when finish should shed 2-3 hours of one's travel time). You can take public transit which can be much cheaper, approximately 2500 colones or $5 US to visit from downtown San José towards the west coast. Even though this is an extremely inexpensive choice, it could be confusing and dangerous specifically if you travel alone.

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Public transit:

Costa Rica's bus system supplies the most popular way of travel among locals, and is certainly the least expensive. Almost every region of Panama and nicaragua , is obtainable by bus, rendering it very easy to get around.

Although buses would be the most affordable approach to transportation, they are definitely not the safest. Many bus stops, specifically in less traveled areas, do not have stops or signs, and there's no method of identifying that it is in reality, a bus stop. In cases like this you must count on the locals to tell you where it really is, and asking locals for directions during the night may be unsafe, specifically for tourist.

Buses are not even close to comfortable in Panama and nicaragua ,; cramped seats, pushy people, pot-hole littered highways and gravel or dirt roads lead to an embarrassing ride, not to mention the smell generally in most buses. Additionally, buses could be on-time, but generally operate on "Tico time," meaning they arrive late or whenever they want to.

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Buses in Costa Rica are relatively cheap, however don't assume all bus stops are marked. If you have a corner store nearby, because the clerk the location where the bus stop is and he/she will be very happy to let you know. Buses will take you simply about any place in the united states, which is an extremely inexpensive way of getting around. I am going to make the section on buses short, sweet as well as simple. When you get with a bus stop, read the large sign: it will let you know the cost of public transit ride. You won't be issued a ticket, as they do not do transfers here. You may want to take several buses to get to your destination, and also the bus driver will tell you which buses to consider.


Across from your airport you will see a little complex with a Fiesta Casino somewhere along with a hotel across as a result. Should you go straight between them you will find a strip mall of car rental places on your left hand side. David and i also prefer Solid Car Rental, we have used them over a few different occasions and we have always been given great service for a good price, and they'll not try to scam you at all. One problem we should help you avoid becomes overcharged or scammed in your car rental. Believe it or not it occurs often.


Don't sign any blank contracts or contracts with missing dates, prices or any other blank information. Read and re-read your rental contract. It ought to be in English, and if they struggle to incorporate bogus charges to the contract then don't sign it and visit another company. There's no such thing like a "heat/AC" charge or "maintenance" charge, they're bogus. There's usually one one-time fee of $x/day or week, and some rental companies may offer you a deal should you rent for even longer. Furthermore, you can't make use of charge card as insurance, you need to purchase insurance (this can be mandatory not just a scam) and a lot companies require a charge card with $950 entirely on it in initial deposit. This money will not be removed from your card; they are going to to put it simply a hang on it until your automobile has returned. Make sure an agent arrives towards the car along with you and makes note of all of the scratches, dings, dents or marks around the car before you sign anything. You are eligible to indicate flaws also plus they MUST write down it. Also, look into the car when you are getting back, and also have the company review every one of the bumps and scratches again and sign the noted paper to ensure they're not planning to ask you for for just about any false damages. Many organisations are glad to get this done, and when they aren't then move along to a new company who's.

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